ADOPT A TEDDY BEAR- Employment programme and campaign for people living with disabilities. Currently in Hungary only 15% of the 600000 disabled people are empolyed.

In Western Europe this rate is over 40%. Our mission is to improve their human, social and financial situation. In our campaign well-known, honoured Hungarian celebrities offer their childhood teddybears and other personal items for auction at a grand gala. Since 2012 we have organized four galas of this kind and we are preparing another big event for this year too. The event takes place close to the 3th December, which is known as the United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The event has more and more publicity therefore it can communicate the message widely to all the society. Our campaign has been supported by over 200 highly respected personalities including sportsmen, politicians, businessmen, actors, singers and musicians, writers and film directors. Thanks to the generous offers we have raised more than 30 million HUF that we are using to carry out our project. In 2015 our foundation opened Hungary’s first café, community and cultural space in which employes people with altered working ability. “Premier Kultcafé” not only functions as a community space offering integration programmes, but also the first “disability-friendly” cinema.

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In 2019 the event takes place on the 26th November.